Writing Games Webinar


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Best Practices for Game-Based Learning

Join us to learn more about the Toolwire Writing Games and the benefits of game-based learning.  In this session, we will also cover best practices for introducing game-based learning into your course.

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Wednesday, October 21st 10:00 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Thursday, October 22nd 10:00 AM PT / 1 PM ET


Download the Writing Games Catalog


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Douglas C. Beckwith, PhD, JD

Doug Beckwith served as associate dean of Arts & Sciences for four years and dean of Axia College for seven at the University of Phoenix. He was responsible for creating the University’s initial First-Year Course Sequence.  He holds a PhD in Human Sciences from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco, where he studied the nature of creativity, particularly in films. In addition, he holds a Master’s in Applied Linguistics from UCLA, a BA in English, and JD in law from the University of Nebraska. In the various stages of his career, he has been a member of the Association for Training and Development (ASTD), the California Bar Association, and the Writers Guild of America.