Velocity Journey FAQ


How do I compare how I am doing to other incumbents?

You are able to view the names, rank, missions complete, score, unit, and location of other agents within the Leaderboard. However, you are not able to obtain any personal information from other agents, due to privacy concerns.

What are Missions?

Missions are the task that are given to each agent to complete, this includes courses such as Java, SQL, etc.

Who are the Wizards?

Wizards are those who help the agents to compete a task that they find challenging or have a question about the task.

What are Badges?

Badges are what is earned after completing Missions, Brain Scans, Mission Quest, Final Challenges, and Rating a Wizard.

What are CyberBreaks?

CyberBreaks allows the agent to take a minute to enjoy a couple of mini-games that are available within Velocity. This includes games such as Data Dash, where the agent has to recover files being deleted by Oblivion. Gravity Grid, which is a fast-paced geometrics game for the agent to test on their fast thinking skills.

How does the Mission progression bar work?

The progression bar within the Mission tab, shows the progress that the agent makes through each of the Missions.

What is Mission Central?

Mission Central allows the agent to return to the Game Status screen to start another Mission, view the Leaderboard, view Badges, or play a mini-game within CyberBreaks.

What does the Cobalt Team button do?

This will show the Leaderboard of the agents currently on Velocity Journey.

What does the Contact a Wizard do?

This will take the agent to a screen that allows them to contact a Wizard for assistance for Missions and other concerns or questions that they have.

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp contains the Brain Scan activity, this will have the agents show where their current skill level is at and improve on their mission readiness.

What is Mission Quest?

This where the story-based quests are contained and should be completed in order to progress through the story.

What is All Mission Resources?

This shows the documents that will help the agent to reevaluate coding with Java and other programming languages.

What are Directives?

This will show if the agent has scheduled the Final Challenge or not.

What is the Mission Countdown clock?

Allows the agent to select a date a time to complete the Final Challenge.

What happens if I fail a level in Brain Scan activity?

The Brain Scan allows the agent to retry the level until they are able to achieve a higher score in order to unlock the next level.

What happens if I fail a quest in Mission Quest?

The Mission Quest allows the agent to retry the level until they are able to achieve a higher score in order to unlock the next quest.

What if I still have a question?

Toolwire’s Learner Advocates are available to assist if you have any questions.

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