TILE: Toolwire’s Integrated Learning Environment

Hugo’s Journey documents the personal workforce transformation of a 20-year network engineer veteran looking to become a contemporary cloud architect.  This video cites powerful studies focused on the skills required for the future of work and follows Hugo through four key stages of his journey: 1) social learning, 2) AI-powered curation, 3) collaboration in the lab, and 4) improving interpersonal skills.

Analytics That Support Outcomes and Behavior Change


Intelligent Assessment

The platform continually interacts with an intelligent assessment system to formulate personalized learning paths and drive the learner forward. After data analytics are gathered from thousands of learners, these heuristics become predictive and improve behavior change.


Gamification Mechanics

Custom scoring algorithms track performance as learners matriculate through the TILE platform. Custom scoring increases motivation and engagement as learners earn rewards. Real-time leaderboards foster competition among learners, peers, and functional groups.


Analytics and Dashboards

Data analytics and heuristic dashboards provide management with real-time insights regarding employee skills and future learning behaviors of individuals, groups, and the company. Dashboards assist in data-driven decision making and change management.

Adaptive, Personalized Learning


Quiz Engine

The Quiz Engine serves the appropriate pre-set quiz items for a given competency and also drives the badging, scoring, and progress meter components. Assessment results also inform additional resource needs and recommendations.


Social Collaboration

Peer connection adds value for learners and for the organization – TILE empowers social learning through discussion groups that can be set-up for the Course, Mosaic, Tile, and Resource level.

Depending on the use case, discussion groups can enable learners to apply their knowledge and even teach one another; they can facilitate mentor feedback; and they can be a valuable resource for students to ask questions.


Nudging Campaigns

Automated platform “Nudges” provide motivational and instructional messages to keep learners on track at all stages of their learning journey. Nudges can be effective tools in enhancing an organization’s communication plan.

Immersive Experiential Learning


Simulation Games

Toolwire simulations immerse learners in authentic scenarios that mirror what they will experience in their new roles. Learning-by-doing is one of the most effective ways of ensuring alignment between your employees’ skills and organization’s goals.


Virtual Desktop Labs

Toolwire Virtual Desktops provide LIVE access to software applications with an HTML5 frameset containing a lab guide that can be configured with readings, videos, step-by-step instructions, and case studies.


Lightboard Videos

Lightboard videos provide a quick, low-cost way to supplement the learning experience with engaging multi-media content.