Unified Learning Experience Layer

Spaces Learning leverages the strengths of experiential, informal, and formal learning methodologies – delivered the way that works best for your company and team

Experiential: Virtual labs, simulations, and video practice engage learners and validate their skills at scale

Informal: AI-powered, interactive tools increase learner engagement and empower employees to take control of their learning journey

Formal: Scaffolded programs align learning with business outcomes and measurable key results


Workgroups – Hands-on Virtual Labs – Simulations – develop & reinforce new skills

Toolwire’s Virtual Labs provide experience with live access to hundreds of technologies

Toolwire Simulations immerse learners in authentic, scored workplace situations


Collaborative Labs and Virtual Classroom sessions empower community among learners

Learners can initiate live online discussions to collaborate with mentors or peers

Spaces Learning includes discussion and instant messaging tools to foster social collaboration


Adaptive learning saves time and motivates learners by focusing on their skills gaps

Personalized learning pathways are created from previous experience plus pre-assessments

Post assessments and spaced repetition recharging are used to measure learning and increase retention

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