Put your students in the drivers seat with Toolwire’s simulations and games. Enable learners to make challenging decisions in real world situations. Our digital courseware provides virtual internships with teachable moments, crafted by instructional designers.


We utilize live characters filmed in real locations, creative storytelling, aligned gaming mechanics, dynamic remediation, performance analytics, and faculty testing to achieve a most compelling educational experience.


Basic Writing

Mastering the mechanics of writing requires practice. Students often ask how the assignment is relevant in the real world. Toolwire helps instructors address this age-old question, connecting the dots between fundamentals and practical use.

As a junior writer at a fictional new station the learner is assigned an editorial role. Topics covered: grammar basics, writing process, paragraph construction, revising, editing, research and APA citation.

Business Communication

Give your students hands-on experience using business communications skills in practical work scenarios: Run an efficient meeting, prepare for an important presentation, and organize a group to foster better teamwork.

Business Foundation

Put your student in the driver’s seat with our real world business situations: staff and retain resources as an HR manager, choose investment strategies as a venture capitalist, and evaluate corporate ethics from the perspective of a community activist. Are you ready to play?

Additional Simulations & Games

Since 2011, Toolwire has developed, delivered, and supported almost 1 billion minutes of game-based simulation learning for health care and gateway general education courses including:

  • Virtual Medical Internship
  • Environmental Science
  • Dementia Care
  • Student Success Skills
  • Critical Thinking

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