NOTE:  This page is for instructions only and will NOT be used to activate your code.

Activating a Code

You are here because you are taking a course that utilizes Toolwire. You will activate your access code the first time you launch Toolwire content from within your class.

1) Go to your institution portal and login
2) Go to your class
3) Click on the title of a Toolwire Game
4) You will see the Subscription Activation prompt. (example)
5) Your Access Code is valid for a single subscription. (example)
6) Once you have entered your Access Code, click Submit to continue.

Accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA)

7) You will now see an End User License Agreement (EULA) to review. (example)
8) Once you have reviewed the EULA, click Accept to continue.

Launching your Content

9) You will now see a launch page. Click on the launch link titled “Click here to start Lab Access” to begin accessing your content! (example)

Having Difficulty?

Common issues include:

a. Trying to activate your code on a page other than your school portal
b. Including an extra space at the beginning or end when copying and pasting
c. Confusing 0s and Os or 1s and Is, or not using proper capitalization when manually typing in your code

Toolwire’s Learner Advocates are available to assist if you encounter any difficulty during this process. Please visit our Knowledge base of frequently asked questions and create a ticket if you do not see your question answered.