Writing Essentials – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

System Requirements

Cookies must be enabled. How can I enable cookies?

Explorer  IE9 | IE11
Chrome  Windows | Mac
Firefox   Windows | Mac
Safari  Sf8


Does my computer meet the minimum requirements?

Windows:  10, 8.1, 7 (SP1), Vista (SP2)
Macintosh:  OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8
Browser:  IE 11, Chrome, Firefox or Safari (current version)
Plugin:  Adobe Flash (current version)


Do I need to install a current version of Adobe Flash?

Yes, Toolwire Games utilize the latest version of Adobe Flash


Should I be using a different Browser?

All browsers are capable of becoming corrupted and no longer working as expected. You can try resetting them or reinstalling them. Alternately, you can try using a different browser.

Chrome:  www.google.com/chrome
Explorer:  www.microsoft.com/IE
Firefox:  www.mozilla.org/firefox
Safari:  support.apple.com/downloads/safari


Connection Issues

My Game launches, but then stops. How do I get it to start up again?

Clearing your cache will solve several potential issues. Ensuring your cache is not significantly larger or smaller than 250 MB will also help alleviate issues and likely improve your browsing performance in general.

Chrome:  Settings > Under the Hood > Privacy
Explorer:  Internet Options > General tab > Browsing history > Settings
Firefox:  Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage


My Game is stuck loading?

This is often the result of system Malware, which is a common issue that can be rather difficult to diagnose and resolve. We recommend beginning with updating and running your antivirus software. If you continue to experience difficulty, ADW Cleaner is a specialized anti-spyware remover which often finds spyware missed by major antivirus software.

ADW Cleaner:  http://general-changelog-team.fr/fr/downloads/finish/20-outils-de-xplode/2-adwcleaner


I’m typing but my keystrokes aren’t showing up. What do I do?

If you are on Windows, adding *.toolwire.com to your trusted sites will prevent many common connection issues.

1) Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Security tab
2) Select the Trusted Sites icon and click on the Sites button
3) A new window opens, DESELECT “Requires Server Verification” if checked
4) Type “*.toolwire.com” into the top entry field and click the Add button
5) Close the Trusted Sites dialog window
6) Under “Security level for this zone (Trusted sites)”, set to Low
7) Click Apply, click OK
8) Close all open browsers before opening a new one to try again


What should I do if nothing comes up when I try to launch?

Browser Toolbars often have a pop-up blocker built into them which can prevent your Game from launching. You can turn off the pop-up blocker or disable the Toolbar, but sometimes they will continue to cause interference. The best approach is to completely uninstall any Toolbars.

1) Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
2) Remove all non-essential Toolbars (Ask, Bing, Google, Yahoo, et cetera)
3) Close all open browsers and try again


Could something be blocking my launch?

You may be prevented from downloading and running your Game if it is blocked by your Antivirus. You will want to temporarily disable your Antivirus to see if it is blocking your access.

If you need a high-quality, free Antivirus tool, you can use the Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus program. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-download


I have tried several solutions, what else can I do?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine why your access is not working. The best way to troubleshoot your situation is to eliminate the possibilities. Here are several things to help you get connected.

1) Power cycle (reboot) your computer
2) Power cycle (reboot) your modem and/or router
3) Try an alternate browser
4) Try an alternate computer
5) Try an alternate Internet connection



How do I save my Assessment?

After completing a Game and answering all of the assessment questions, the option to save your assessment will become available; simply click the “Generate PDF” button to save it.


What do I do if I am unable to download my Assessment as a PDF?

Even though you were unable to download your assessment as a PDF, your work has been saved on our servers. Please close your Game, relaunch it and select “Continue from the last session”. You should be taken to the end where you can download your PDF.


How do I submit my Assessment to my Instructor?

After you’ve saved the Assessment file to your computer, submit the assessment by sending your PDF to your Instructor.


How can I tell what is on the Assessment?

After saving your assessment, open the PDF file to review your answers.


Can Assessment data be changed?

Responses can be adjusted by restarting and working through the Game a second time.


How do I retake an Assessment?

Replaying the Game will allow you to save alternate answers locally that can then be manually submitted.


Will the Game save my Assessment if I take a break?

Yes, your data is automatically saved.


Can I review the Assessment before it goes to my Instructor?

Yes, Toolwire recommends opening the location where you saved the Assessment file and double clicking to open and review your PDF file before submitting it to your Instructor.


Will my responses from a previous session still appear if I restart?

The responses to questions are reset when restarting the Game.



How do I start the Game?

Once the Game has loaded its files, the Start link will appear. Select the Start link to proceed with the Game.


Why do I not see a Start link?

On subsequent launches of a Game, you will start from where you left off.


Where did the Control Panel go?

The Control Panel can be minimized, click on the button at the bottom of the screen to open the Control Panel.


How can I display dialog for the conversations?

You can display character dialog using Closed Captioning. Click on the Control Panel to expand it and click on the Closed Caption icon to display or hide the dialog a character is delivering.


How do I replay a scene?

Click on the Control Panel at the bottom of the screen to expand the Menu selection. Click on the Replay icon. Only the current scene can be replayed.


What if I need to take a break or close the Game before I finish it?

Your spot in the Game will be bookmarked. If you have already taken an Assessment, your results will be saved as well. To take a quick break from the Game, open the Control Panel and select the Pause button.


How do I pause or mute the mini-game?

The Pause and Mute buttons are located in the upper-right corner of the mini-game screen.


How do I replay the mini-game?

Once you complete the mini-game, you will be prompted to either replay the mini-game or continue the Game.


What if I still have a question?

Toolwire’s Learner Advocates are available to assist if you have any questions.

Web Case – https://www.toolwire.com/contact-support/
Email – support@toolwire.com (24×7)
Phone – 866.935.8665 x200 (Toll-Free in U.S.A. and Canada)
Phone – 925.227.8500 x200 (International)