Toolwire Spaces LearningTM (an enhanced version of TILE) is an AI-powered, fully integrated digital Teaching and Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It unifies content, collaboration, and experiential learning in a way that engages learners and increases the effectiveness of training. 

Spaces Learning enables personalized skilling at scale with virtual labs, video assessments and coaching, gamification, and virtual labs. It is highly effective in both online and hybrid training environments. Better learning experiences translate to better business outcomes for any company’s most valuable assets – their employees.

Article: AI in Learning: Assessment

This LinkedIn article explores the question: How can AI scale and automate assessment? The article includes three use cases involving AI and assessment and provides some parting thoughts on what things AI is particularly GOOD at.

AI in Learning: Assessment

Webinar: AI in Learning: Curation

In this webinar, hear from three leading experts in the field of AI and learning and see how The Praxis Institute has implemented learning journeys that blend informal learning through AI-powered content curation with elements of formal and experiential learning. Below the demo recording, you will find a description that includes timestamps to key sections of this webinar.

Hugo’s Journey: The Future of Learning

Hugo’s Journey documents the personal workforce transformation of a 20-year network engineer veteran looking to become a contemporary cloud architect.  This video cites powerful studies focused on the skills required for the future of work and follows Hugo through four key stages of his journey: 1) social learning, 2) AI-powered curation, 3) collaboration in the lab, and 4) improving interpersonal skills.

Article: AI in Learning: Curation

This LinkedIn article explores the five steps of AI-powered content curation. Quite simply, how do learning designers find the right content and deliver it to learners in a personalized and prioritized way at the moment of need?

Boston University - Digital Business Series

The Digital Business Series provides enterprise learners authoritative, curated content from leading experts at Boston University, Questrom School of Business. Upon completion of each engaging, self-paced course, learners may claim a Boston University branded Acclaim digital badge. Acclaim open-badges are web-enabled versions of a credential, certification or learning outcome.


  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Business Analytics
  • Digital Platform Strategy

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2019: Future Workplace Summit - Top 10 List

Inspired by the Future Workplace Summit, I have summarized the Summit’s BIG ideas into a Letterman-esque “Top 10 List”. Thanks again to Questrom School of Business, Boston University for hosting the Summit, to Future Workplace for their continuous efforts to foster “Networks of Innovation”, and to all who contributed to this amazing brain-share including Ben Pring, Jeanne C Meister, N. Venkat Venkatraman, Jennifer Sullivan, Rachel McCarthy, Andrea Hough, Andrew Shatte’, Lou Tedrick, Pete Beck, and KEVIN MULCAHY.

2019 Corporate Learning Week - Diversity & Inclusion

Mike Pino from Cognizant is a true champion for #diversityandinclusion. His recent presentation at Corporate Learning Week is just one example. What sets Mike apart from the rest is his ability to drive change, adoption, and acceleration through innovation. Thanks to his leadership, Cognizant is setting the bar for corporations seeking to increase the productivity and skills of their global workforce.

The Illusion of Choice

The Matrix taught us many lessons: Kung Fu is cool, humans make great batteries, and if left unchecked, AI will take over the world. But, probably the most impressive lesson of all is the power of choice when it comes to behavior change and the human psyche.