Toolwire Spaces LearningTM (an enhanced version of TILE)

is an AI-powered, fully integrated digital Teaching and Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It unifies content, collaboration, and experiential learning in a way that engages learners and increases the effectiveness of Onboarding, Upskilling, and Reskilling initiatives.


Spaces Learning enables personalized skilling at scale with virtual labs, video assessments and coaching, gamification, and virtual labs. Better learning experiences translate to better business outcomes for any organization’s most valuable assets – their employees. Begin future-proofing your workforce while increasing speed to productivity today!

Spaces Learning short 2-minute Overview

Our Spaces Learning LXP is a fully integrated teaching and learning platform that is robust, adaptable, increases learner engagement and leads to better training outcomes.

Learning by doing provides the quickest and most effective way to develop skills and ensure ongoing competency with technology. The only way to bridge the gap between knowledge and real-world skills is with hands-on experience.

Please take a look at our short video, and then give us a call! You will be amazed to discover how Spaces Learning complements and enhances everything you are already doing today to position your business for a better tomorrow.

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