Web Design : InteractiveScenarios


Web Design InteractiveScenarios immerse students in the role of an intern at a small business called Teenspace.  Over the course of 14 modules, students design a website focusing on the company's new community environmental initiative. Each story-based episode delivers course content mapped to essential learning objectives.   Assessments (multiple choice, short essay, etc.) are integrated naturally into the flow of each scenario in the form of “day-in-the-life” workplace tasks. 

Web design lab work is completed via a virtual StudentDesktop pre-loaded with Web design software.  Students are able to work from any computer (Mac or PC); there is no software to download. Assessments are submitted to the instructor via a "homework" folder in the environment. The environment also enables students to seamlessly upload their websites to the Internet in order to showcase their completed work to friends and family.


Virtual mentors provide advice


Integrated Assessments


Desktop access to Adobe software

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